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This project offers some IDataProvider implementations for usage with reporting tool combit List & Label.

With the combit List & Label reporting component, developers can equip their own applications with efficient functions to create reports, statistics, forms, lists, and labels. Only a few lines of code are required to integrate the report generator into existing applications. The report Designer is available in many foreign languages. The development tool for extensive reporting functions as well as web reporting is available in German or English and can process almost all character sets. This project is dedicated to .NET developers.

The following DataProvider classes are provided and can be used to bind to Oracle, MySql, DB2, NuoDB and PostgeSQL data:
  • MySqlConnectionDataProvider
  • NpgsqlConnectionDataProvider
  • DB2ConnectionDataProvider
  • OracleConnectionDataProvider
  • NuoDbConnectionDataProvider
  • FirebirdConnectionDataProvider

The data providers require additional files from the respective projects:
  • Provider for NuoDB, see, tested with NuoDb.Data.Client version
  • Provider for Firebird, see, tested with version
  • Provider for Npgsql PostgreSQL connection, NuGet package "npgsql", tested with version 3.0.3 for .NET 4.5

The providers for reporting tool List & Label can be used on an "as is" basis and are not officially supported as we cannot promise the full functionality of the open source projects used. For combit's part, List & Label customers will be supported through the usual combit support channels.

Starting with version 21, the full sources are available on a daily base to Enterprise Subscribers. Thus, this project will not be maintained anymore, however the sources may still be of interest to customers with older versions. which is why we leave it in place.

Any feedback as well as additional contributions are very welcome, just contact the project's administrator.

For a fully functional free 30-day trial version and further information about reporting tool List & Label
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